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Mobile Karma: Products & Services

It is difficult to keep up with the ever-changing world of technology. A state-of-the-art product you have just purchased has a big chance of being rendered obsolete by another product the following year. Still, technology is an integral part of life. Almost everybody has a cellphone and most households have at least one computer at their homes. It is impractical to keep on buying the latest trends in electronics especially if the prices are unreasonably high. Thankfully, we have MobileKarma.

MobileKarma acts as the selling merchant of ReCellular Inc. The business focuses on selling new and used cellular phones, netbooks, tablets, and other electronic devices like mp3 players and memory cards. Since they sell used items, prices tend to be very afforable.

Mobile Karma: Company Background

MobileKarma is under the umbrella of ReCellular Inc., one of the world's leading recycler and reseller of cellphones. ReCellular has been established in 1991 and has been raising funds for charities since 1996. MobileKarma supplements the operations of ReCellular by distributing new and used cellar phones, netbooks, and other electronics. MobileKarma encourages the reuse of fully functional electronic devices and the commitment to excellent customer service.

Mobile Karma: Customer Feedback & Reviews

Like most online shops, MobileKarma has garnered some mixed reviews from customers. Some rave about the affordable prices of the company. Others like the speed of delivery and some like the quality of the products delivered despite already being used. On the other hand, some customers have complained that items delivered were not as described while some also complained that the items ordered were not delivered.

One positive review from Knoji:

"I can't believe that I have spent years, and thousands of dollars, purchasing phones for my family through the carrier.  Not only did the phone cost less than the insurance premium to replace it, but the phone showed up in a matter of days and was in perfect working condition. I have been telling my friends that buying a reconditioned phone is  the way to go.   Fanned!" - Ramona Goodman

One Negative review from Trademarkia:

"Company clearly stated that phone was able to connect to the Sprint Network. I cannot connect data services and it appears that the phone has been doctored to even make and recieve calls (Told to my by Sprint Tech support who worked on it for three hours.) I called customer service and they stated that they sent me a fix via email.....three times !!!!!! Still haven't recieved it."

Mobile Karma: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

MobileKarma is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau but has been awarded a B- rating. ReCellular Inc, the parent company is also not BBB accredited but has been given an A- rating by the bureau. The business has received very minimal complaints which resulted to a high rating. Recellular has been featured numerous times in different newspapers and TV networks.

Mobile Karma: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

MobileKarma has above average website popularity. Alexa ranks the website at 188,787 globally and 36,167 for the United States. 79.5% of the visitors come from the US. Women are mostly the visitors of MobileKarma aged between 25 to 54 years old. The website has 47 backlinks helping it increase its traffic.

Mobile Karma: Social Media Presence

MobileKarma is not that active on Facebook and Twitter. Their Facebook page (which is actually named under ReCellular) has only 190 likes. Their Twitter page shows only 70 followers and 19 tweets. Though the company is not that active in the online social community, it is active in the offline society as it has already donated a huge amount of money to charities. The company has also been featured in TV networks, newspapers, blogs, and even youtube.

Mobile Karma: Website Security & Safety

Customers visiting MobileKarma for the first time would find that the site is wholesome and could be viewed by individuals of all ages. The website is easy to navigate as customers are able to classify items according to name, price, popularity or relevance. When you find an item that fits your tastes, you are taken to a secure connection so information you provide the website would be safe. Furthermore, Google diagnostics states that the site is not suspicious as it has not hosted any malicious software. Click here for the full Google diagnostic report.

Mobile Karma: Pricing & Packages

Since MobileKarma focuses on selling second-hand electronic products, their prices are cheaper as compared to other providers of electronic gadgets online. Used cellular phones even reach a low low price of $14.99. Netbooks and tablets have a price range of $119.99 to $319.99. When it comes to used electronic devices, MobileKarma is the best.

Some price comparisons

  • A used wifi only 32GB Apple iPad is priced at $284.99 by MobileKarma. At Amazon, this same item is priced at $424.99
  • A used 16 GB 5MP Samsung i900 Omia is priced at $99.99 by MobileKarma. At Amazon, this item is sold for $220.
  • A used 320 GB Windows 7 Verizon HP Pavilion dm1-2010nr could be bought for $209.99 at MobileKarma. A similar item is also available at ebay for $200 but no returns are accepted.
Mobile Karma: Shipping Rates & Policies

MobileKarma ships to countries other than US. Basically, the entity delivers items via USPS. It normally takes 5 to 7 business days for an item to be delivered to a customer. International orders would generally take a longer time period. Delivery via FedEx is also available for residents of Canada. Any import duties and taxes on international orders are no longer the responsibility of MobileKarma.

Standard shipping is free in the US, expedited shipping would cost $39.95, FedEx ground costs $35.95 and FedEx 2nd day costs $75.95.

Mobile Karma: Payment Methods Accepted

MobileKarma supports 2 modes of payment namely via credit card and PayPal which is generally the norm for online stores. Visa, American Express, Master Card and Discover are supported credit cards. Both options offer a safe and secure way of paying for items through the internet so customers need not be concerned when it comes to information security.

Mobile Karma: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

MobileKarma has a 30-day warranty that is applicable on most items. Refunds would be granted if the company was contacted within the warranty period and if the product is defective or does not meet specifications. Attempting to repair, open or unlock a device without the knowledge of MobileKarma within the warranty period could void the warranty.

Mobile Karma: Product images & screenshots
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